The Best Guns for Personal Defense

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Defending oneself and one’s family can be a scary thought. And while it is good to know some self-defense techniques, these are not always effective; especially if your attacker is much larger than you or there is more than one of them. Carrying a personal handgun is a powerful deterrent for attacks against your person and having a rifle in your home can be a good way to protect your property.

Whether you are looking to keep a gun with you whenever you go out or whether you are just looking for something to keep you protected in your home, there are a few things you should consider. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of a good gun for self-defense and cover the best models that you should consider.

Some General Tips When Selecting a Gun for Defense

First, you will be working in close-range. You only need a gun that is effective between 5 to 10 yards. Second, because you will be in close range, you want something that is not going to produce a lot of flash, recoil, or noise. You could easily leave yourself deaf and vulnerable by shooting an overpowered gun in close quarters. Third, you want something that is going to be reliable—that is, something that will not jam when it really counts.


By far the most popular option for personal and home self-defense is the handgun. Compact, reliable, easy to use, a handgun can be concealed without difficulty or stored almost anywhere for quick access.

One great thing about handguns is that they are very easy to learn to use. And once you know the basics, they are also easy to aim and shoot. At close ranges, anyone can be effective and lethal with a decent handgun. Most will hold enough ammo so that you do not have to reload in an emergency.

Perhaps some of the best revolvers for personal self-defense are the Smith & Wesson revolvers. Reasonably priced, most come with barrels between 2.5 and 4 inches so that they can easily be concealed. These are extremely reliable and have a great reputation.

Another great option for a small revolver is the Ruger SP101. It is has a 5-shot capacity, will feel heavy and solid in your hand, and will be reliable. With either a 2.25 or 3 inch barrel, either option can easily be carried anywhere or tucked into a nightstand.

If you are looking for something with more round capacity, there are some excellent semi-automatic pistols. Models like the Beretta 92A1 hold 12 rounds and fires a .40 caliber bullet. That’s a powerful shot and will create a good amount of recoil. This model is probably best for home protection for the average individual, but can be carried as well. Other semi-automatics to consider are the Glock 22, the Sig Sauer P226, or the Taurus PT940.


A rifle can be a powerful firearm to protect your home. For some people, the size of the rifle might make it more difficult to use in a tight situation, but if you practice with the rifle regularly it can be comfortably maneuvered.

Depending on the model you choose, these can be slower to load unless you have a semi-automatic. A traditional rifle with a small caliber bullet like a .22 Magnum won’t produce much recoil and will be relatively quiet. These types of rifles are great for hunting and sports shooting so they readily available, easy to aim, and their very presence can act as a good deterrent.

The more popular rifles these days are models like the AK-47 which has a high capacity clip and will be quite intimidating when pointed at an intruder. These kinds of rifles are a bit more unwieldy though and require more expertise to use effectively. Plan to do some training if you want to use a high-powered rifle.


Shotguns are probably the least effective options for a couple of reasons. First, you will get a very limited number of shots compared to rifles and semi-automatic handguns. And because you have to reload them one cartridge at a time, they will feel like they are taking forever to reload when it really matters. Second, shotguns shoot a spread of small pellets that are just as likely to miss your target as to hit it. Lastly, if someone is really trying to come after you, these small pellets are unlikely to stop someone. You will only hit them with a small number and they may do little harm.

For these reasons, you are much better off using a handgun or a rifle for personal and home self-defense.


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